So Sad

Its so sad, so sad how dependent we have become

As teens we are lost, and relying on others to help us through

We all want out, but we don’t know how 

So we think love is the answer, because that’s what Disney taught us right??

But when that doesn’t work we start back at square one,

Instead of pushing through and becoming our own person

But when we do that, society says “no, no darling that’s not right”

And what do we do? We listen because we don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right

It’s become normal to be scared and  scarred

 But when we show others, they run

Its like they expect us to be perfect for everyone except ourselves.

It’s sad, so sad how we all have become the same, yet different in so many ways







The Downhill Slide

Recently I had a HUGE wake up call. And its usually something that I don’t have to worry about, but luckily it been taken care of. This got me thinking though, since when am I like that?? Because usually I’m pretty much an angel, so I’ve decided its this senioritis thing that causing it. It’s really causing me to not care about very little, and what I do care about are things that aren’t even that important. It’s really weird not caring, because I’ve been trying not to care so much on certain things because then I get to stressed. But I think that with the fact that I’m going to be done with school, and what’s going to happen after that and everything that went on with equestrian team, it really broke my ability to care about anything really. I just started to not care, which is really not good.

Now there’s 18 days, 4 hours, and 35 minutes until WAHSET is over (yes I have a count down on my phone), and graduation is quickly approaching, so my caring level is beginning to move slowly up. Its kind of like I’ve just been keeping my head down trying to make sure I get through it all, and now that the end is near, I’m looking up and starting to be a person again. However, my procrastination level is still extremely high but, I might actually make it through this year alive! Haha



I think that Woodlands’ mascot is a walrus
I think that he’s a ‘dwad’
I think that the rope, the water and the gold are entirely to real
I think that a farm is still the best idea
I think that paying for two buckets is ridiculous
I think that one direction uses too many fancy terms
I think that
I think that theres far too much to remember

I know that you’re pissed
I know that I’m part of what caused this
I know that you’ll probably never talk to me again
But thats alright because I will chose to remember the good times
And I will never forget


Life is Just too Darn Short

So recently I’ve had a lot of life’s too short moments. For example, this morning while driving to school, the person I was following was going the speed limit, of course I was in a hurry because I was late so I just blurted out “life’s too short to go the speed limit!”. I’m not entirely sure where it came from, but it happened.

I can’t remember any of my other ‘life’s too short moments’ because they literally just happen and then I forget about them. But really, life is too short, and one of my favorite quotes/sayings is ‘Life’s too short to be anything but happy’. And really, if you’re gonna be here, might as well make the most of it and have some fun. What that fun entails, is entirely up to you, enjoy it all while you’re young so you have crazy stories to tell later on. What I’ve been trying to accomplish recently is not having a schedule. Yes I know it sounds a bit hectic, but it is much easier to have a good day if you just go with the flow rather than having it all planned out only to have something come up and ruin it. plus I have so much I want/need to get done in one day, that I always run out of time and there’s a couple things that get pushed to the next day. And so far not having a definite schedule is working out pretty well. There’s still a couple things that are just unavoidably going to be scheduled, but what doesn’t have to have a schedule I’m not putting it on one.

My most recent one I’ve come up with: ‘Life’s too short to have it all planned out’.


The Best Hulking Things in Life

Recently today, I decided that I’m going to buy a huge green truck just so that I can name it ‘The Hulk’. Its probably not going to happen anytime soon, but eventually i will have a giant green truck named Hulk.

This decision didn’t just come about randomly, it relates back to the TED Talk we watched awhile back and how theres always those little things thatmake us the happiest. We were supposed to write about it in the next couple days,but I didn’t really have any inspiration for it until now.

The guy who was giving the speech (I cannot remember his name) is absolutly right, it’s the little things that make you the happiest. for instance: the best part off my morning isn’t my coffee, yes it’s nice, but it’s nicer to walk into my barn and hear a chorus of whinnies and seeing my horse standing there bliking trying to adjust his eyes to the lights. Maybe only horse people will  understand it, but its kind of like being woken up by your dog/cat in the morning, without all the slobber and getting stepped on.

Another instance that made my day, was at a horse show about 3 years ago. I wasn’t having a very good show and I really just wanted it to be over so that I could go home and sleep. I was waiting for my last class to go,when I looked in the middle of the arena and saw a little spot of green. My first reaction was “I just found money!!”but I figured someone wouldnt just keep money in their pocket while riding their horse, but I went to look at it anyways and it was $5!!! I couldnt believe it,so I went over to Chewys (food stand that was there) and bought a smoothie with it. That smoothie put me in an overall better mood and I ended up getting 5th in that class too!

All in all,it really is the little things make it all worth it. And when the person was naming off a couple of things that were on his blog, I was thinking “wow that is so true”. Because when you really think about it, the big things matter, but its all the little things that make it worth it.


Senior citizenship

Before senior year began, I saw this picture in a tweet. Not the usual twitter kind of thing, but this stuck with me. And even now I can read this again and think of how true it is. Senior year never really hits you it just kind I keeps happening and then all of a sudden it’s done… When senior year first started I thought this is going to take forever but now we only have 79 days until graduation (yes I’m counting). It all seems so unreal, and I feel like I haven’t done enough to, well, celebrate the fact that I won’t be going back to hockinson next year. I feel like I haven’t spent enough time with my friends that are going away to college and it’s sad that I won’t see them everyday for the rest of my life.

But I guess there are greater things ahead that I should forward too. Like meeting new friends, moving out in my own and just experiencing life with no parental interference. In the end I’ll probably be excited for such a change, but right now it’s just incomprehensible.